I Survived College Witout Becoming a Liberal


We all know that college is notorious for being a hotbed of liberalism. You’ve heard the horror stories of freshmen who start college with conservative views and end up voting Democrat by the time they graduate. I’m here to tell you that it is, in fact, possible to survive college without losing your conservative views. I majored in journalism — a notoriously liberal major — and while I was often the only conservative in my classes, and even though I had a few run-ins with liberal professors along the way, I didn’t fall victim to the liberal agenda. Whether you are a current college student or a high-school student looking ahead to your next stage in life, here are some tips for remaining firm in your conservative beliefs.

  1. Remember that you’re not alone. Even though it sometimes feels like it, you are not the only person your age with your views, I promise. Even if you haven’t met other conservatives on your campus yet, they are out there, and once you find them, it makes it all worth it.

  2. Realize what you’re up against. Even if you are attending a religious college or a college that has a reputation of being more conservative, don’t assume that everyone holds to conservative ideals. You will have liberal professors and liberal classmates. You will probably hear all manner of insults and jabs at conservatives, and you may even run across a professor who wants nothing more than to change your mind. Being aware of this and knowing what to expect can help you be more confident should a situation like this arise.

  3. Know what you believe and why you believe it. This is very important. Many liberals like to stereotype conservatives as being stupid and ignorant. Show them that conservatives — while we may have differing views — are intelligent and logical people. Know your stuff, and blow people’s minds.

  4. Have facts to back up your opinions, and speak your views in a kind and respectful way. Too many times political conversations devolve into debates or shouting matches, but if you remain cool and calm, most people will return the respect or at least hear you out. If you have a liberal professor who loves to lash out at conservatives, don’t get upset but respectfully state your views.

  5. Join a College Republican or Young Republican club. What better way to meet other like-minded people your age? If your college doesn’t have a club like this yet, start one yourself!

  6. Volunteer for a local political campaign, local elected official, local GOP chapter, or local conservative organization. Not only is it fun, and not only will you get to feel as if you’re making a difference, you’ll also have the chance to get some great real-world experience and meet a lot of other conservatives of different ages.

  7. Get a job and earn your own money. What better way to have a constant reminder that capitalism is awesome? Even if you only have the time to work one or two days per week, it’s always a great feeling to know that you are taking personal responsibility.

  8. Be proud. Don’t be ashamed of your views. You know that you are right, so don’t be scared to proclaim it.

If you survived college without becoming a liberal, congratulations! If you are in college right now, stay strong. If you are a high-school student, don’t be intimidated — you can do it.


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