7 Reasons Why We Need Smaller Government

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“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” just a few of the unalienable rights that all humans are born with listed in the Declaration of Independence; the document that freed us from a strong and controlling government. Our forefathers worked incredibly hard to establish these freedoms that we enjoy today, yet as our government keeps increasing, our freedoms are begin to diminish. So why are we moving away from the principles on which we were founded? America needs to be reminded why we need a smaller government.

1) A limited and smaller government is less expensive.  The less we look to government to solve problems, the less we as taxpayers have to pay.

2) Smaller government equals more individual freedom. It allows each citizen to make decisions for themselves on both a personal and financial level rather than being subject to government mandates.

3) Small government advocates for independence. It doesn’t favor programs that reward people for intentionally using the government rather than working hard. A program set up as a safety net in too many instances becomes a way of life.

4) Smaller and limited government allows for freedom in the market place.  The less the government gets involved in the marketplace, the more businesses can thrive and create a competitive and innovative atmosphere.

5) A large government would advocate for redistribution of wealth based on the belief that those who make less should be compensated because that is fair. Small government however doesn’t advocate for social programs.

6) A Smaller government can be held accountable. The bigger the government, the more it spends, making it much harder to monitor the effectiveness of its programs and efficiency.

7) Small government can be summed up in a single quote by Ronald Reagan. “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” We need to push our government towards the role of protector of liberties, not provider laws. While some government agencies are necessary, all-in-all, people just want to live their lives in their own way — and I think we should let them.



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