Most Memorable Quotes From POTUS’s CPAC Speech


Day 2 of the Conservative Political Action Conference got off to a long start when people began lining up at 5 AM to ensure seats to see President of the United States Donald Trump speak in the main ballroom. In case you forgot, Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at CPAC last year when he was a front-runner in the GOP primary, but ended up not speaking, possibly due to plans of a mass walk-out. Trump was greeted by a full ballroom of a standing and cheering crowd when he entered to “God Bless the USA.” If you couldn’t make it to CPAC or catch it via Facebook LIVE, don’t worry. Below I’ve compiled a list of some of the best and/or most memorable quotes from Trump’s speech at CPAC.

“The era of empty talk is over. It’s over. Now is the time for action.”

“The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation who has put, and will put, its own citizens first”

“A lot of Bernie people voted for Trump, because [Bernie] he’s right on one issue: trade”

“I am against the people that make up stories and make up sources. They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use their names. A source says Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being? Let them say it to my face.”

“We’re going to build the wall, and it’s going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule”

“From a purely political standpoint, the single best thing that we can do is let it [Obamacare] implode. It’s already imploding…but it’s not the right thing to do for the American people. We’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare!”

“We’re going to put our miners back to work.”

“Our victory was a win for everyone who believes it’s time to stand up for America, stand up for the American worker, and stand up for the American flag.”

“We’re going to make our tax code more simple and much more fair for everyone, including the people and business.”

“I don’t mind bad stories if I deserve them”

“We will eradicate this evil [ISIS] from the Earth.”

“In a matter of days, we will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep Americans safe. I will never, ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the American people”

“We’re also putting in a massive budget request for our beloved military. And we will be substantially upgrading all of our military, offensive and defensive, everything. Bigger and better and stronger than ever before. And hopefully, we’ll never have to use it. But nobody’s going to mess with us.”

“Where the White House doors used to be totally closed…they’re now wide open and they’re open for people doing business for our country and putting people to work.”

“We are all equal in the eyes of the almighty God.”

If you missed Trump’s speech and would like to see it in full, click here.