What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman?


With March being Women’s History Month, the most obvious thing to talk about are the women that are shattering glass ceilings, revolutionizing the way we see gender, and are owning who they are. I’m not talking about the women of the past and present, I’m talking about the women of the future. The women who have so much drive and ambition to change the world, but are lacking one thing — They aren’t feeling empowered.

Being empowered — something so simple to say, so effortless to want, and so easy to believe it is hard to achieve. Especially in a world where women are fighting each other tooth and nail to climb to the top, just to find out that a man was able to take the elevator.

Empowerment is synonymous with confidence, strength, passion, dedication, drive, etc. but it all boils down to one thing: Loving who you are, and owning what you do.

Knowing your strengths is good, but it is so much more important to know your weaknesses. Accepting your shortcomings and growing from them is what builds confidence. Even Wonder Woman needed help every once in awhile.

Empowered women are always ready to dust themselves off and keep going no matter how many times they have been shoved aside. They are not afraid of failure because failure does not mean stop; failure means get creative and try again.

Being an empowered woman means taking control of your life and playing victim to no one. You are unstoppable. All it takes is the right attitude and no one can keep you from achieving your dreams.

Most importantly, being an empowered woman means empowering women. Build your empire by lifting up your peers along the way. Surround yourself with the women you hope to be and the women you hope to lead. You are the future, and you will succeed.


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