5 Reasons To Visit Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a place alive with history – from the past and the history that hasn’t yet been made. There seems to be a historical landmark on every corner of the easy to walk streets. If you haven’t been, go. Even if it’s for no other reason than #4 on our list!

1. Some people don’t know where D.C. is

The most important reason to visit our nation’s Capitol is to figure out where it is! I will embarrassingly admit that I was unaware of where Washington D.C. was until my junior year of high school and did not know that D.C. stood for District of Columbia until the following year (I guess my high school didn’t have a very good geography program).dc-map-region-rcdeb

2. Obviously, The White House

Especially with this past election and a new POTUS in office, the energy of Pennsylvania Avenue is buzzing! Who wouldn’t want to see the most famous residence in the country? Granted, you can’t just stroll right on in and check out the place but just to see it in person is amazing. hungry-history-cooking-for-the-commander-in-chief-20th-century-white-house-chefs-istock_000004638435medium-e

3. Happy Hour

Head to any bar near Capitol Hill around 5pm and you won’t be sorry. The people you will meet and the stories you will hear will make your entire trip completely worth it. Who knows! You just might end up sitting next to a particularly chatty politician and find out all of Washington’s gossip.251143-2012-someone-loves-his-guinness

4. Saying a big F-you to the IRS

Need I say more?irs

5. Pictures, duh

There is no better way to show off your patriotism than to post it all over social media. Who wouldn’t want to see you do the exact same pose in front of all those historical landmarks? The beauty of America is our freedom of expression, so make the most of it! Post every single selfie you took! No judgment here!


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