Top 3 Blogs To Awake The Conservative In You


Where do you go if you feel that your voice is unheard? Your opinions are underrepresented? You just want more information on what being a young conservative is? Below is a list of my top favorite sources for conservative media. Each source strives to empower their audience and be a voice for the  voiceless.

Future Female Leader- FFL, which was originally Future First Lady, started as a twitter account by a girl, Amanda, who had high conservative ideals and a lot to say about the world she lived in. During the 2012 Presidential elections, Amanda felt that that there weren’t enough outlets for young conservative women and quickly realized that she was not alone. When her following grew so did FFL. It grew into a brand that young republican women can depend on. FFL now has a blog, store, and quizzes.

Tomi Lahren– Tomi is a conservative political commentator. She is the Host of Tomi for The Blaze and is best known for her Final Thoughts. She got her first show at the age of 21 called On Point with Tomi Lahren. Ever since then, she has used her voice to call out the problems she has seen with our government and the Liberal media.

Young Conservative– Young Conservative is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a website full of blogs about current politics, media, news, and pop culture, all with a conservative twist.


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